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Ben - multiple issues (under vet care) need URGENT advice

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Ben - multiple issues (under vet care) need URGENT advice

Postby catsrmylife » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:19 am

Hi. My Ben (DSLH) is around 3 years old. He came to me from Egypt (I'm in the UK).

Ben's issues are: -

* Hind limb paralysis Most likely from birth/exposure to panleukopenia
* Scarring across 1 eye From a bad bout of cat flu (doesn't seem to affect him
* Impaired hearing Again, doesn't seem to affect him)
* Megacolon He had to be de-obstipated 3 times. I am trying to manage the megacolon with lactulose & cisapride plus extra water in his wet food. I have to give soapy water or lactulose enemas and occasionally give him a vomend injection if he has been sick or is feeling nauseous.
* Almost permanent snotty noseI've tried supplementing with l-lysine and flumax (which contains l-lysine) and most recently, started Ben on Mega C Plus to boost his immune system - nothing has made much difference.

A week ago, Ben had: -

* Blood in his urine [color=#0040FF]I took him to the vets who prescribed synulox antibiotics. Most worryingly, Ben has gone from 3.3KG to 2.495KG in less than 6 months

* Tested FIV positive This would explain why his snotty nose clears up short term

We are due for a check up tonight but I also took Ben back on Monday as his urine was still bloody (it had returned to normal just the night before) and he had regurgitated food and it was red/pink tinged (could be the synulox). They have taken samples to test for crystals and also to identify an antibiotic specific to treating his urine infection.

Thankfully, Ben's urine has been normal for the 3rd day now. He hasn't passed much stool so I've been doing lactulose and warm water enemas at home and I gave him a 5MG bisacodyl tablet last night. My main concern is that he isn't really eating at the moment, no matter what I tempt him with. He continues to drink like a fish (which he has been doing for the last couple of months, but his bloods taken in December were all in normal range, except for his liver enzyme was low.

What other tests or diagnostics should I be asking vets to perform to figure out why Ben is drinking so much, losing weight and not eating much? It could all be related to his Megacolon i.e not passing much stool, making him feel full, making him nauseous, making him not want to eat, losing weight - it's a vicious circle. Also, when Ben isn't eating much, it's mega hard to get his (mainly liquid) meds into him.

I am so worried about my boy. Please, if anyone has any suggestions/advice, it would be much appreciated :thankyou:

To re-cap:

Diagnoses of: Hind limb paralysis Megacolon FIV
Symptoms: Snotty nose poor appetite difficulty passing stools/hard/bulky stools Thirst Poor coat losing weight

Medications/treatment: Cisapride Lactulose Vomend Enemas at home Supplementation with Flumax/L-lysine/Mega C Plus
Extra water in wet food
Synulox for UTI plus given an anti-emetic
Tests: Blood profile - only liver enzyme was low, everything else normal Urine has been sent away for cultures - results not back in yet
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