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Asteroid needs your help

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Asteroid needs your help

Postby fibroflairy » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:52 pm

I adopted a beautiful paralysed girl 2 weeks ago, unfortunately she was in a worse state than described, she was found in a collapsed building with her spine broken, she received vet care in Serbia to relieve the pressure on her spine and after a year recovering there arrived for her new life in the UK! Unfortunately her legs are fused, it's unknown wether this is due to her accident or happened previously or is a birth defects, she also had terrible wounds to her feet from dragging and chewing. We ad her checked over here and put onto gabba to assist with the chewing. Unfortunately the damage is so severe that her feet are dying, there is not enough circulation for skin grafts to be an option and due to how she's now attacked the higher bit of her leg, with no feeling or realising that it was a part of her, and with the position they're stuck in twisting her spine, there is no option left but to remove her rear legs, she will still be able to scoot around, and use her chair and lead a full and long fulfilled life! A life she's already fought so hard for! I've already spent close to £1000 on her care and have nothing left to play with, her insurance won't cover preexisting issues which this counts as... Please can you help?
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